CrystalBizz offer the brand new product of ASFOUR crystal from Egypt. Egyptian ASFOUR crystal is the highest class lead crystal manufactured by ASFOUR to create and maintain the highest brilliance and high refraction. Cut glass does not have the brilliance and finish achieved by lead crystal. Lead crystal is made from processing sand (silica), potash and lead oxide using extreme heating techniques.


Normal lead crystal has a 24% lead oxide content, but ASFOUR Crystal has developed an OVER 30% lead crystal, which after cutting and polishing provides exceptional clarity and high refraction prismatic colors.

Today and due to the effort done during the long past years, Asfour Crystal is not only classified as a high quality crystal producer but also as a top international leader in this industry.

The top quality and new design from ASFOUR crystal considered as one of most beautiful crystal product in the world where it became an attraction the customer around the world.

CrystalBizz guaranties that our products will satisfy to all buyers. \(^_^)/